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Whether you are buying land, leasing a warehouse or investing in a new location, navigating industrial real estate can be challenging. Your South Florida Industrial Team is here to help.

After joining Cushman & Wakefield in 1983, Chris Metzger realized the expansive possibilities of the real estate market South Florida. He discovered his passion was land/warehouse sales and helping companies and owners navigate the complex, competitive world of industrial real estate. In 1988, Rick Etner joined Metzger at C&W and thus began the makings of one of the most dominating commercial real estate teams in South Florida.


Almost 38 years later, what started as a one-man's passion has developed into an amazing 6-person team who help small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses buy, lease and expand in the world of industrial real estate. Whether it's a start-up manufacturing business opening its doors for the first time or a large distribution company buying land for a build-to-suit property, we've done it all and made sure everything went smoothly in the process.


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